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Handy NCERT Solutions for CBSE Class XI Students

Stepping into class XI, the higher secondary education appears different from the high school life. The education up to class 10 would have been a different phase. The 11th and 12th grades of education would be different. You will find the changes in the overall approach of studying, teaching environment, learning modes, and many more. Something that most of the CBSE class XI students would miss the best pals. Class 11 brings a lot of changes and it includes changes in school too! Co-learners and best buddies would have migrated to a different stream of education, other than CBSE board or other CBSE school. Or simply, you might have changed the school too!

One of the major elements that changes in the CBSE class XI is a non-compelling education. Unlike the previous years, the students are provided a degree of freedom to learn in their own way. The new teachers induce you towards more self-learning and discovering yourself.

Students who completed the class 10 exam in the other stream of education may also opt for CBSE board. A short note for those who are new to CBSE pattern and CBSE education! CBSE curriculum is a concept based education and comprehensive understanding about the subjects will help you score high grades!

Handy help is provided by the NCERT books and NCERT solutions. CBSE class XI students may find mild struggle in triggering themselves to use the learning resources on their own. CBSE affiliated institutions and private CBSE schools follow the NCERT books to cover the prescribed syllabus.

The quantum of CBSE syllabus and the topics covered in the NCERT books will be fewer than the previous grades. The number of subjects is few. Besides, you would also choose your favorite group of subjects to favor your higher education. For instance, you can choose all-science, commerce, science with mathematics, etc. Since the CBSE class XI students carry this freedom of choosing the favorite subjects, they can excel!

While there are some favorable changes for CBSE class XI students, there are quite a few challenges ahead. The differentiation in learning, dramatic change of patterns in the CBSE question papers, etc might be challenging for the students. The focus should be on finding new way of learning, multi-faceted learning and unlearn your good old learning techniques.
You can use the NCERT books and NCERT solutions for the same. NCERT solutions integrate the base of class 12 CBSE syllabus. This forms a good foundation to secure higher grade in the CBSE class 12 exams.

Using NCERT solutions and text books becomes inevitable for the CBSE Class XI. These text books support the new phase of learning. The solved NCERT question papers help you understand the pattern of exams and answering formats. NCERT books are prepared by the experts in the field with best resources available at CBSE board.

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