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Class IX
Class 9 is one of the most crucial years of the students. More focus is provided on the subjects. Students are required to gain in-depth knowledge about every concept.

Class X
CBSE Class 10! Class 10 students face the CBSE board examination! In spite of sufficient preparation and mock tests, student may definitely carry a certain degree of fear.

Class XI
Stepping into class XI, the higher secondary education appears different from the high school life. The education up to class 10 would have been a different phase.

Class XII
The fascinating school education comes to an end with the 12th Class CBSE board exams! The grade you earn in the CBSE final examination influence a lot in your higher education. 

A Complete Guide for CBSE Students & Teachers

The Central Board of Secondary Education is one of the primary education boards in India. CBSE is the eminent system of education in India that sets a base for common education system for all in a country that has rich heritage and cultural diversity.

We take it an opportunity to offer a complete guide on CBSE syllabus. Our CBSE website will be a guide for both students and teachers. We bring together the periodic updates about latest announcements, improvements, updates, CBSE sample papers, CBSE board notifications, CBSE result, and much more useful information for students. This is a one stop solution, a comprehensive guide about CBSE, CBSE syllabus, etc.

CBSE board continuously undergoes reforms and steadily focuses on implementing quality and systematic approach. CBSE is the governing body regulated by Government of India. The board of education has 15000 schools span across India and more than 15 countries.

In order to retain as well as improve the quality of education provided to the students, CBSE board has affiliates. The affiliated institutions are regulated by CBSE board and follow the CBSE syllabus prescribed by the board. This ensures maintenance of academic standards throughout the country. 

Students who study under this board of education get an edge over others in the competitions! Yes, CBSE syllabus is designed in such a way to bring out excellence in all aspects from the students, beyond academic curriculum. CBSE exams may appear quite difficult! Yet, with proper guidance, training and practice, students can excel in the exams. The syllabus is designed considering the age, educational requirement, social and psychological development of the students.

Although scoring good scores in the exam is one of the criterions, CBSE syllabus as well as exams is derived with the focus of gaining thorough understanding of the subject.
CBSE syllabus and subjects are detailed with examples. Self-explanatory topics are put together to develop great understanding. Besides, the availability of study materials online along with tips and CBSE sample papers, students can gain thorough understand about the topics.

How we can guide you?

As mentioned above, CBSE board works towards improving the learning methods, CBSE syllabus, teaching methods, innovations, etc. The ultimate goal is nurturing the students while they study! The core concept of education is not just focused on academics, but imparting life skills! Career oriented inputs, career building techniques, personality development methodologies, etc are part of CBSE syllabus. These are often updated by the CBSE board. We update you immediately as soon as any notification from CBSE board is announced.

For instance, change in CBSE syllabus for particular standard. Also giving updates on the availability of CBSE sample papers, CBSE result dates, solved question papers, important study materials, study tips and techniques, expert guidance, and much more.

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