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CBSE Board Examination – A Preparatory Guide

CBSE Class 10! Class 10 students face the CBSE board examination! In spite of sufficient preparation and mock tests, student may definitely carry a certain degree of fear.

Learn completely! Gain knowledge on everything! Understand the basics and concepts! Don’t summarize before a good understanding.  These are the simple tips that could help CBSE class X students face the exams without fear.

CBSE syllabus and exam pattern is entirely different from the syllabus of other education boards. Both the syllabus as well as the CBSE board examination focuses on interpretation of student’s knowledge. You cannot expect any direct question or a direct answer. Value based questions and concept oriented questions makes most of the CBSE question papers. Even when you analyses the CBSE sample papers, you will find most of the questions are value based and conceptualized questions.

The CBSE board exam marks scored by students are added with the average score earned by the respective student the whole academic year. Overall, the CSBE class X result is declared computing the overall average score! It is necessary that every class X student should study heard and deep soon after the commencement of the academic year.

When you analyze the CBSE sample papers or CBSE question papers 2014, you will realize that you have no choices provided. All the CBSE question papers prepared doesn’t offer choices. Yet, there are internal choices. For instance, in question 1, you have two options A and B. You should choose either A or B to answer. You cannot ignore question 1 at all. So, if CBSE question papers have 30 questions in a subject, you should answer all 30 questions. No choices!

Finally, it is not necessary to work out or solve all different CBSE sample papers available with you. You can stick to one or two choices, like CBSE question paper 2014, NCERT sample papers, etc. Besides, you can always seek references and replies to your queries very quickly using internet.

Online solutions play a great role in helping CBSE class x students. With solved CBSE question papers, NCERT solutions, forums and discussion groups, etc are quite helpful! Yet, it is recommended not to overdose with online help!

Every year, the number of students enrolling in the CBSE board is getting increased. The quality and standards of education system invites more parents to enroll their child. In the year 2014, around 13.5 lakhs students appeared in the CBSE class X exam. In the year 2015, around 15 lakhs students are expect to be appeared in the CBSE board exam.

Moreover, CBSE question papers patterns are getting changed frequently. Do get the information about the changes in patterns to prepare accordingly.

If you score low marks or grades in intermediate exams, it would definitely impact the overall score in the CBSE board exam. Similarly, excelling in the internal exams and ignoring the main exam will not help you.

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